Give Your Body Something Healthy Before A Workout

It does not matter if you are hungry before you work out. Your body needs nutrition before you begin to exercise. Whether you want a full meal or only a snack, focusing on some essentials will make working out healthier and more effective.

First, protein will increase your metabolism. You can find many different sources of protein. Lean meat and eggs are common examples.

Second, a meal plentiful in carbohydrates makes an excellent pre-workout choice. Pasta is an ideal option. If you have spaghetti or other pasta with meat sauce, you will have carbohydrates and protein in the same meal.

Third, eat something that is rich in potassium before you work out. As the body does not retain potassium, it is depleted very quickly when you perspire. You can avoid potassium depletion and electrolyte imbalance by eating bananas or mushrooms. You can also drink a sports drink that has a high potassium content.

While these products provide the nutrition you need and will promote natural energy, avoid the temptation to consume sugar before you work out. Candy and soda pop may quickly increase your energy, but your energy level will drop just as quickly. Plain yogurt or unsweetened oatmeal are better choices if you want more energy.



As exercise can lead to dehydration, drink water before you start your exercise routine. It will help your body stay hydrated until you are finished exercising.

If you are planning a strenuous workout routine, moderation is the key to what you eat. It is not the time for a heavy meal, or a large amount of liquid. You do not want to experience cramps while you are exercising.

Protein, carbohydrates, potassium, and fresh water will make working out a healthier experience. If you want a large meal or sugary products, the time to indulge is after your workout.




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